Engineering Regenerative Strategies in Cardiovascular Tissue Biology

Our Lab's mission is to develop novel strategies towards treating cardiac disease using interdisciplinary approaches from Biology, Stem Cell Technologies, Advanced Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, and Chemistry.


Our research group is based in Trinity College Dublin and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering

  • 12th July 2018 Matteo, Dinorath and Michael attend the 2018 World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin. Over 4100 delegates with an excellent scientific program. 
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  • 12th July 2018 Matteo Solazzo presented his poster; An electroconductive 3D porous PEDOT:PSS scaffold for cardiac tissue engineering applications, at the 2018 World Congress of Biomechanics in Dublin
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  • 20th April 2018 Congrats to Robert Greensmith who successfully conducted and completed his BAI thesis project in Bioengineering in the Monaghan Lab, in collaboration with Prof. Garry Duffy in NUI Galway.
  • 17th April 2018 Congrats to Song Wong and Ciara Corcoran who successfully conducted and completed their MAI thesis projects in Bioengineering in the Monaghan Lab. Ciara is progressing to industry while Song will join us during the summer as a research engineer.   
  • 14th March 2018 Ciara Greaney from the Monaghan Lab is awarded overall first prize at Trinity GSU's Multidisciplinary Research Showcase of all graduate research (PhD and Masters Level) being performed in Trinity College Dublin- 13th March 2018. 
  • 27th January 2018 Well done Grace (Catherine, from the Monaghan Lab) for winning the best MSc Research Presentation at the recent Bioengineering in Ireland Annual Meeting!!
  • 27th January 2018 Members of the Monaghan Lab recently attended the Bioengineering in Ireland Annual Meeting in Co. Meath!


  • 25th January 2018 Michael has just been elected as a council member to the TERMIS EU Council (2018-2021). Looking forward to continuing with this great society! 

  • 5th January 2018 Welcome Robert Greensmith and Gaëtan Roudier  to the Monaghan Lab! Robert will perform his BAI thesis in collaboration with NUI Galway and Gaëtan will do an internship as part of his Master's degree in Health Engineering at the University of Bordeaus, France.

  • 14th December 2017 The Monaghan Lab has been awarded Innovation Partnership Program Funding from Enterprise Ireland to support an exciting project in collaboration with Spraybase® Instruments at Avectas Ltd. 

  • 3rd October 2017 Welcome Grace Brogan and Ciara Greaney to the Monaghan Lab! Both Grace and Ciara will spend the 17/18 year in the Monaghan Lab as part of their MSc in Bioengineering theses!

  • 22nd September 2017  Welcome Matteo Solazzo to the Monaghan Lab!! Matteo joins as a PhD student under Dr. Monaghan's supervision in developing multifunctional smart biomaterials for cardiac tissue engineering applications

  • 14th September 2017 Welcome Ciara Corcoran and Song Wong to the lab! Both Ciara and Song will spend the 17/18 year conducting research in the Monaghan Lab as part of their MAI in Engineering theses. 

  • 25th August 2017 Caroline Patel successfully submitted her MSc in Bioengineering Research Thesis from the Monaghan Lab. Congrats Caroline!

  • 2nd May 2017 Jackson Rose successfully submitted and defended his MAI in Biomedical Engineering Thesis. Congratulations Jackson!

  • 24th April 2017 Thomas Storwick leaves to continue his Bachelors Degree Program in the University of Waterloo- Great having you here!

  • 18th March 2017 MonaghanLab v.2 is online!

  • 10th March 2017 The Monaghan Lab has been awarded a large equipment grant through Trinity College Dublin's SFI Opportunistic Funds. The equipment itself will be a fluorescent lifetime imaging microscope (FLIM) with custom capabilities towards simultaneously acquiring fluorophores (exogenous and exogenous) through numerous excitation channels! 

  • Jan 19th 2017 Monaghan Lab is now online!

  • Jan 9th 2017 Welcome to Thomas Storwick who joins us from Waterloo, Canada

  • 20th Dec 2017 The Monaghan Lab has just been awarded Seed funding from Trinity College Dublin, supported by the Wellcome Trust.

  • Dec 7th 2017 Monaghan Lab welcomes Harry Burns who is conducting his BAI project in the lab.

  • 17th Nov 2017 The Monaghan Lab is hosting the 2017 meeting of Matrix Biology Ireland!

  • 17th Nov 2017 Dr Monaghan has been elected to the council of Matrix Biology Ireland and the treasurer of the Society!

  • 20th Sept 2017 Monaghan Lab welcomes two new members. Caroline Patel (MSc in Bioengineering) and Jackson Rose (MAI in Biomedical Engineering)


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Lakner P.H*, Monaghan M. G*, M, Möller Y, Olayioye M.A, Schenke-Layland K. Applying a phasor approach analysis of multiphoton fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy   measurements to probe the metabolic activity of three-dimensional in vitro cell culture models.  Sci Rep. 7 (2017) 42730. (*Both authors contributed equally).