Lab Mission

The goal of our group is to innovate and deliver original tissue engineering and biomaterials science research, to improve health care solutions and impact society of today and of the future. We will investigate and answer important hypotheses in a rigorous and thorough manner. We will communicate our findings to colleagues and the world as openly as possible. We will train and support each other at each stage of the process.


“Bioengineering” is probably one of the most inter-disciplinary fields of research present in modern day science. Every aspect of our research can span multiple disciplines. Physics, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Pharmacology, Optics, Immunology and Stem Cell Biology are just some of the disciplines that we work with. Effective research only comes from carefully integrating two or more of these different disciplines. Doing this properly requires investigators of different expertise to work closely together. Communication and teamwork are therefore highly valued within this lab. Transparent and open discussion about authorship and contributions is expected.


Every scientist in the lab has the possibility to make novel and distinct discoveries – if they are working in a supportive environment and stay focused on the science itself. We do not compete with each other in the lab, and competition with our colleagues outside the lab should be only a tertiary concern. But at all times, each of us should be challenging ourselves to become better researchers who strive to do better research.


All lab members are expected to behave in a courteous, conscientious, and respectful manner at all times. The lab environment is everyone’s work place and must be maintained and managed to a high standard. Any functioning research group is a social organism, and requires mutual respect and generous cooperation amongst members. Negative or destructive attitudes towards lab members or the lab is not tolerated. We will be critical of an individual’s work in a sincere and constructive fashion, but we will always maintain esteem for the individual who did the work.


Science must be reproducible . Negative results, technical challenges, disappointing projects, and personal failures do happen and are inevitable in research. However, we will always look into our findings and results to determine the cause of our results and how to move forward to achieve progress. We do not take short-cuts in any of our endeavors and at all times apply full scientific rigour and honesty.


We will publish each of our research papers in the most visible places possible. Whenever possible, we will strive to publish our manuscripts in an open access format.

Training & Mentorship

Every scientist is different. Notwithstanding, a certain level of competence, resilience, and independence from every individual working in the lab is expected. Beyond that, each individual has a unique set of talents and potential talents that I will help identify and develop. Outside of routine laboratory experiments, I encourage my students to engage in extra-curricular activities to develop their skills as leaders, communicators and to engage with platforms in the community aimed specifically towards their career stages.